Commercial and Financial Law Reporter – Call for Blogs

Commercial and Financial Law Reporter (CFLR) invites rolling blog submissions.

About the organizer:

The Commercial and Financial Law Reporter (CFLR) is a student-run and a professionals-supported platform that seeks to delve into academic research to legitimately contribute to the practice and jurisprudence around commercial laws. Our website has a number of blogs, articles, and case comments on commercial and financial laws, which are analyzed and procured into research reports every month. Our-long term vision is to establish ourselves as law and public policy lab in commercial and financial laws. Overall, we envision a bridge between academic discourse and social implementation.  


In an attempt to encourage insightful discourse in the legal landscape around commercial and financial laws, the editorial board of the CFLR invites blog submissions from academicians, practitioners, lawyers, legal experts, and students on a rolling basis. Submission can be in the form of articles, opinions, case comments on the aforementioned topic.

Submission Guidelines:

  • CFLR welcomes and accepts submissions on a rolling basis on topics surrounding Corporate Law, Insolvency Law, Banking and Finance, Investment Law, Securities and Financial Market Regulation, Taxation law, arbitration law, Insurance Law, Technology, and Competition Law.
  • Submissions must be original and free from any plagiarism. No plagiarism shall not be allowed in any circumstances.
  • Submissions can be made in the form of blog posts, articles, or case comments on the aforementioned laws.
  • The title of the submission must be inquisitive and should not be more than 10 words.
  • Articles must be within the word limits of 700 and 1500 words. Authors must keep their articles precise and concise to ensure reader friendliness. Authors are advised to make compact summary in the initial paragraph. The language must be simple and free from excessive jargons.
  • Expert opinions are invited on the aforementioned laws and must be within the limits of 400 and 800 words.
  • Relevant authorities and sources must be mentioned in text or hyperlinked. Only if a source cannot be hyperlinked, authors should use endnotes (and not footnotes), in conformity with the 20th Bluebook of Harvard Citation.
  • Wherever case law, statutory materials or other resources are being referred to, appropriate links must be provided in the text itself. Endnotes shall only be used when hyperlinking is not possible.
  • Cross-posting is allowed subject to prior approval of the editorial board of CFLR Insights and should be marked as “originally published on CFLR”.

Submission Details:

  • All submissions to CFLR Insights shall be made via the Google form. Please do not submit any article via emails.
  • The editorial team reserves right to conduct a strict editorial review of submissions received and holds absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not.
  • The preliminary status of manuscript submission will be updated to you via email within 2 weeks of receiving the post.
  • The final publication of the post would be made within a period of 20-25 days from the receipt of manuscript.

Contact Information: Write to us at

Disclaimer: Team Law Informants tries to ensure that the information and details are accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. We encourage the viewers to kindly fact check themselves.

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